April 2024, Joint PhD defence

PhD defence was carried out jointly by CONICET, Argentina, and UPJV, France, within the framework of the MELON project.

PhD candidate Franco Nicolas Di Rino

Title: Topological excitations in ferroelectric nanoparticles”

Joint action

The School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology was  co-organized by MELON researchers belonging to CONICET-Buenos Aires. This edition was dedicated to devices and sensors. The school was taught virtually through the Zoom platform and had the participation of around 150 students from Argentina and other Latin American institutions. National and international experts on a wide variety of topics - ranging from nanosystems fabrication and characterization techniques to advanced sensor and device applications - taught 14 classes of approximately two hours. Additionally, two practical assignments were carried out and sessions were organized during which some of the participants made brief presentations of their work topics

New MELON partner: H2020-WIDESPREAD-Twinning project SPINTECH

The overall aim of the SPIN-TECH project is to boost the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the field of spintronics – especially in the development of advanced technology for design and production of superconducting spin-valves for computing-in-memory operations. The consortium includes: Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, Moldova; Stockholm University, Sweden; and University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Joint meeting, Twente, Octobre 2020

Seminar on  Management of European projects was organized jointly by MELON and SPINTECH actions in Chisinau, in September 2021. Partners shared their experience and best practices on the implementation of the large and middle-scale project and discussed the furher aspects of collaboration for maintaining the long-term sustainability of the cluster of MELON-SPINTECH clustering. 

"More than Moore" . 

Mini-workshop, organized by NANOTECH and UPJV. Kiev, January 2021

MELON Management 

Technical meeting on the management of the Project.  UPJV-NANOTECH-CONICET. Amiens, MArch 2022