Training School ECCOMAT

Joint Training School for ESRs of Horizon MSCA-RISE networks ENGIMA and MELON

Energy Communication and Computational Materials

Organized by: Daoud Mezzane and Igor Lukaynchuk

Marrakech, May 16, 2022 local assistance: Youness Hadouch



Diego Rubi

Instituto de Nanociencia y Nanotecnología CONICET/CNEA), Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Training Courses

organized by young researchers

Laboratory Training

El Hassan Choukri

University of Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, MOROCCO

  • Electrospinning (Chemistry Dept)

  • Chemical deposition (IMED Lab)

  • Polarization measurements (Appl. Phys. Dept)

  • Dielectric measurements (IMED Lab)

Training Schedule

Soft Skills

Research practices

Exchange by the best research practices during round table ERs-ESRs, May 17, afternoon

Joint PhD Thesis

Soukaina Merselmiz

Design of lead-free multifunctional piezoelectrig ceramics for electrocaloric and energy storage applications

Presentation for the joint ENGIMA-MELON international qualification commission, May 18, 15:00.