Nanomaterials for neuromorphic computing and energy harvesting 

March 14-18, 2023,  San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

joint workshop of  HORIZON-EU programs: 


Joint Workshop of HORIZON-EU neworks: ENGIMA, MELON & FerroChiral 

Organized by: María José Sánchez Diego Rubi and Igor Lukyanchuk 



Workshop NEUROCOMEN is the event of European Marie-Curie mobility programs, MELON, ENIGMA, and FerroChiral. It is organized together with the poles of excellence of leading research agencies of Argentina, CONICET and CNEA, located in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Bariloche. The objective of NEUROCOMEN is to join the expertise of world-recognized experts in material science to elaborate the synergy knowledge in the emerging research and innovation areas of high-technologies, related to appealing multi-disciplinary trends in artificial intelligence, nanoelectronics, and energy harvesting systems.  The non-exhaustive list of subjects comprises  

Special emphasis will be given to the multidisciplinarity and open-science aspects of the research and innovation activities and aslo to the research and innovation strategy of the HORIZON-EU program. The workshop is open to external participants. Participation of young researchers  is especially welcomed.

Tue, March 14

Arrive,  and  gathering  


Sat, March 18

Closening, project meetings, departure

Wed, March 15

Thu, March 16

Fri, March 17


The workshop will be held on the premises of the Centro Atómico Bariloche, (CAB) which is a research and development centre of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentine.  The centre is devoted to basic and applied physics research as well as Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering.  It also hosts the Balseiro Institute, the university school maintaining high-standard scientific research and technological development, aced to the challenge of growing professionally with a critical attitude and ability to solve complex and novel problems. The CAB opened in 1955 with its first director, José Antonio Balseiro.   


The easiest way to reach Bariloche is to book a flight from the domestic Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Aeroparque airport (AEP). There are several direct daily flights, the duration is 2.5 hours, plus travel to/from airports.  

If you are arriving from an international destination you'll most likely land at Ministro Pistarini International Airport, aka Ezeiza Airport, which is outside the city. You'll need to take a shuttle bus or private transfer to Aeroparque, which takes at least an hour. Make sure to allow extra time for traffic (especially during rush hour).  

The suggested transfer company between airports is Manuel Tienda Leon whose prices are around US$ 10 (shared bus) and US$ 25 – US$ 30 (private transport/taxi). Tienda Leon is also a good option to go to/from Buenos Aires. They have regular connections with the well-situated downtown bus terminal and can also take you to your hotel. 

Once you are in Bariloche airport (14 km east of Bariloche) you can take a taxi to downtown, of about 20$US.  There are several taxis and "remis" (similar to taxis but only door-to-door) services. They also offer 9-people vans ride, see for example Bus line 72  (tricky to use) connects  Bariloche  airport  with  the  city center.  For the mode of payment see "Get around".

A very comfortable bus is another way to get to Bariloche. You can take it from Retiro station in Buenos Aires or other places in Argentina. There are different companies that make this journey, in particular Vía Bariloche or El Valle. You can check the schedules and acquire the tickets at the companies' websites The cost of the ticket ranges between 100 and 150 $US. The cars are in good condition, offer meals, and have comfortable seats for sleeping. During 21 hours you will enjoy the Patagonian Pampas, following the routs of Captain Grant's children.  The bus terminal in Bariloche is located 5 km east.

You can also take a bus from the Chili side and cross the Andes at the foot of the active volcano Puyehue.  

The ways to reach Argentina by transatlantic ferry are equally attractive, but we have no information on it :(  

Visa Information

Please check at: whether you require a visa to enter Argentina. In the case of being a citizen of a country that requires a visa, you should address the nearest Argentinian consulate and ask for a tourist visa (we strongly discourage asking for a scientific short-term visa as we can not supply the official invitation letters).

 A hotel reservation will be required for the tourist visa; in the case you have not arranged your accommodation at the moment of asking for the visa we recommend doing a cancelable reservation in (many options do not require previous payment and can be canceled for free until a few days before the start of the accommodation period). 

Non-official invitation letters can be requested from the workshop organization if needed. These letters are intended exclusively to justify your trip with your scientific institutions.


There are many all-range hotels in the vicinity of the downtown or conference place, with very competitive prices because of the end of the tourist season. Participants can make their own reservations for accommodation using and services. The advanced reservation is highly recommended 

To have a more advantageous exchange rate during the reservation through (see banking and currency) we recommend 

 i) select only options that allow "on-site" payment, directly to the hotel; 

ii) get in contact with the hotel and verify that the charge will be done in ARS. 

  This is the safe procedure to warrant the application of the differential exchange rate for foreigners.

It is also  useful to compare the prices in Euro (dollars) and in ARS

We recommend booking a hotel in downtown at walking distance from Km. 1 (Monolito), where a shuttle to/from the workshop venue will be arranged. You may also prefer to book a hotel within a walking distance of  the Centro Atómico. Among the numerous options are:

They propose full-equipped cabins of several sizes at prices: USD 105 (2/3 pax), USD 120 (2/4 pax), USD 135 (4/5 pax), to USD 165 (6/7pax).

[Without breakfast service] WIFI included 

Get around

The Centro Atómico is located 10 km west of San Carlos de Bariloche city. The collective transfer of participants between Bariloche city to Centro Atómico will be organized. A transfer from/to downtown Km 1 (Monolito) will be organized in the mornings and in after session termination for the registered participants.  

Bus lines 10, 20, 21, and 51 connect the city center with Centro Atómico Bariloche, the conference venue. You have to ask to be dropped at "kilómetro 9.5" of Av. Bustillo, or "Centro Atómico". 

Public transport in Bariloche is paid for with the SUBE transportation card. The same card is also used in Buenos Aires. you may be able to acquire it at Buenos Aires (recommended) or Bariloche Airports. You buy the card and put some AR$ credit in it.  Tickets in Bariloche depend on the distances, but are around AR$100.  For more information on public transportation in Bariloche ( bus lines: routes and timetables, remise car companies, or taxis)   you may  consult: and

Banking and currency

The economy in Argentina is quite complex. Several exchange rates between local pesos (ARS) and EUR/USD are operative. 


* For December 2022; the subject of quick changes. 

Practical Information



San Carlos de Bariloche ...

San Carlos de Bariloche is the city with the highest density of scientific researchers. In 2020 was proposed to be considered as the national capital of science, research and development of high technology.  Located in Patagonia, Bariloche is a city surrounded by thousand-year-old forests, mountains covered in snow, and crystal-clear lakes. It's quintessentially Patagonian. World-class cuisine has the perfect combination of unique and exquisite Patagonian flavors, the talent of the best-known chefs, and the most natural ingredients. You can choose from hundreds of restaurants to taste Bariloche's regional foods. Here is the nonexhaustive list...

NH-Edelweiss Restaurant – La Tavola, and Bar El Patio – San Martín 202; Taberna Breogan – San Martín 405; Girula – San Martín 496; Jauja Restaurante – Elflein 148; El Boliche de Alberto, parrilla & pastas BBQ – Elflein 158, Villegas 347. Pastas: Elflein 143; Rapa Nui – Mitre 202; Manush – Neumeyer 20 ( & Av. Bustillo Km. 3,8); La Andina, Pizzeria & Restaurant – Elflein 95 (&Quaglia); Las Pastas de Gabriel – Elflein 49; Bachmann – Elflein 90 ( & VAlt. O’Connor 1348); Familia Weiss – Palacios135; La Casita – Quaglia 342; L’Italiano Trattoria – Quaglia 219; Cazuela – Mitre 702; La Esquina – Moreno 10 (and Urquiza); La Alpina – Moreno 98; Cocodrilo – Mitre 5 (corner w. Centro Civico); Morfy´s – Mitre 10 (corner w. Centro Civico); Bonavena – San Martín 299.; Chalet Suisse – San Martín 630; El Chiringuito – Quaglia 283, and Rolando 245; Shtex Shawarma Bar (Hungarian and Middle-Eastern food) – San Martín 672; Todo casero (fast food and coffee) – San Martín 682; Kutral Bar – Juramento 163; Stradibar – Juramento 198;

.... all around ...

The Bariloche city is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, next to the Andes.  It’s where nature rewards every visitor with outstanding scenery. From snowy peaks and copper-colored lenga trees to entire valleys blanketed with Spring flowers and crystal clear waters.  There are lots of activities to enjoy: trekking and tours, sailing, winter sports for all tastes, adventure tourism, romantic getaways, family activities, peaceful breaks, and diverse culture.   

You can consult Margarita Stuke Turismo for the sightseeng options,  mentioning that you are from NEROCOMEN 

.... and a little further  !

Participants, who decided to spend vacations in Argentina can take advantage of the exceptional location of Bariloche wich is a gateway to the extreme South of Argentina. Well-known geographical destinations like enormous glacier Perito Moreno, Beagle Channel at Archipelago Tierra del Fuego,  the port Usuhaia, located  at  end of the World, and even the trascendent Antarctica become accessible!  You can program your trip by plain, bus, reneted car, or consult the trustable agency, Margarita Stuke Turismo, using the "NEUROCOMEN" as a magic password.